Recent Reviews for Navarre Real Estate Source

As agents at Navarre Real Estate Source, we take great pride in delivering exceptional customer service and meaningful interactions. Recognizing that buying or selling a property can often be a demanding endeavor, our aim is to streamline the process for you. Below, we’ve gathered a selection of testimonials from our recent satisfied clients.

[Tara] She is beyond amazing as a real state agent and helped my husband and I find our dream home here in Florida while we were stationed in the UK. She was thorough for every single house we wanted to view and worked long hours for weeks because we were on a time crunch. We scheduled my flight for the day of closing and she even picked me up from the airport. Being military, we might have to move again but even then, we will 1000% be using Navarre Real Estate Source (specifically Tara) to manage our property while we’re gone. 10/10 couldn’t recommend enough. – I.M.D

If you are looking into real estate agents in the Navarre area, then you probably are already familiar with “Florida’s best kept secret.”

If you are wanting to relocate and be part of that secret then it’s time you learned the Second best kept secret – Shannon Mills at Navarre Real Estate Source and her partnership (Dream team!) with Stacy Dempsey at New American Funding.

Shannon was there from the very first call all the way to the handing off the keys. Each step of the way Shannon ensured an exceptional experience while relentlessly pursuing value for her clients. We were truly fortunate to be one of them. Her tenacity, expertise, and attention to detail allowed us to land in the place and home of our dreams. She really took the stress out of the situation for our family and would certify that she can do the same for yours.

If you are considering a move, on the fence, or even remotely curious – I highly recommend starting here. You are likely to have go no further or anywhere else to have a smooth and pleasant home-buying experience. Many thanks to you Shannon! – Joe I.

Navarre Real Estate Source provided a great deal of detail in their recommendations for me pertaining to renovations of my property before starting the process of selling my home. Very thankful I chose this company to represent me during my sale and will be using them for future transactions. They went above and beyond by staging the property with furniture for the pictures prior to listing, which assisted greatly in expediting the sale. They provided a lot of stress relief during this process, because of their consistent and prompt communication. Shannon and Tara are excellent at their craft and exceeded my expectations! – Israel T.

How to Increase the Value of Your Home

Are you considering selling your home? Here are 5 valuable tips to enhance your home’s value and ensure a successful sale with your Navarre Real Estate Source agent:

Elevate Curb Appeal: First impressions have a heavy influence over potential buyers. Elevate your home’s exterior by maintaining the lawn (don’t forget to pull weeds and edging walkways), and consider planting vibrant flowers that harmonize with your home’s color scheme.

Curb appeal is more than just the lawn, a fresh coat of paint on the front door can create an inviting focal point. Don’t overlook essential repairs such as fixing cracked sidewalks or mending broken fences. An aesthetically pleasing exterior sets a positive tone for potential buyers and presents a well maintained and cared for home.
updated homes kitchen
Kitchen and Bathroom Upgrades: Kitchens and bathrooms often steal the spotlight for homebuyers. A modernized kitchen and bathroom can significantly augment your home’s value. Consider updating outdated light fixtures, cabinets, and countertops.

Repainting cabinets and kitchen walls can be a cost-effective alternative to breathe new life into your kitchen. Seek inspiration from Sherwin Williams’ 2023 color collections for a beautiful on-trend look.

Declutter and Depersonalize: Buyers seek to envision themselves in their potential new home. Make it easier for them by removing personal items and excess clutter. Create an illusion of spaciousness by clearing out additional furniture, personal photos, and knick-knacks. This allows your home’s natural charm and potential to shine.

Energy Efficiency: Invest in energy-efficient upgrades that boost your home’s appeal and lower monthly utility costs. Consider adding insulation and sealing gaps and cracks with new weather stripping around doors or caulking around windows.

Outdated air conditioning and kitchen appliances can be upgraded to not only enhance your home’s appeal but also reduce utility expenses. However, consult your Navarre Real Estate Source agent to ensure these improvements align with market trends and offer a return on your investment.

Professional Home Inspection: Consider scheduling a pre-listing home inspection with one of our trusted and recommended home inspectors. This is a proactive step that identifies potential issues that could surface during a buyer’s inspection, allowing the opportunity to address them upfront. Additionally, it adds confidence in potential buyers by demonstrating your commitment to maintaining the home’s condition.

Our local expertise extends to understanding which improvements hold the most value for your specific property and the prevailing market conditions in Navarre, Gulf Breeze, Pensacola, and surrounding areas.

Remember, the objective is to present your home in its most appealing light to maximize its value. By focusing on these key areas, you can attract potential buyers and potentially command a higher selling price. Ready to get started? Contact us today to initiate a conversation about selling your home with Navarre Real Estate Source.

How to Stage Your Home to Sell

Selling a property can be an exciting yet challenging process, but staging it correctly can make a huge of difference in how quickly your home sells.

Look no further than Navarre Real Estate Source for all of your real estate needs. Our team of experts can help you from staging tips for your home to handing off the keys. So grab your beach chair, sunscreen and towels and head to the beach – let us handle this!

Staging is all about creating a welcoming and visually appealing environment that helps potential buyers see themselves living in your home; and showcases the best features of your property while also creating a neutral and inviting atmosphere.

Here are staging tips to get you started:

First, imagine… a multiple-offer situation on your home.

Declutter and Depersonalize: Begin by decluttering your home, removing any unnecessary items, and organizing your belongings. This helps create a sense of space and allows buyers to envision their own belongings in the house. You can take it a step further by removing personal photographs or overly specific decor that might distract buyers from imagining themselves in the space.

Deep Clean: A clean and tidy home goes a long way in impressing potential buyers. Deep clean every nook and cranny, paying attention to windows, floors, carpets, and bathrooms. (Don’t forget the baseboards and top of cabinets!) If needed, consider hiring professional cleaners to ensure your home is sparkling clean and fresh. (Do you need a recommendation? Ask us!)

Highlight the Best Features: Identify the key selling points of your home and accentuate them. Whether it’s a stunning fireplace, a spacious kitchen, or a breathtaking view, arrange furniture and decor to draw attention to these features. Make sure they are well-lit and easily accessible during a walk-through.

Neutralize Colors and Decor: Staging your home doesn’t begin and end with just the furniture and a freshly cleaned home. Sometimes paint colors can sway potential buyers away from purchasing your home. Opt for neutral tones when it comes to paint colors and decor.

Neutral colors create a blank canvas that allows buyers to imagine their own style in the space. Consider repainting any bold or personalized walls with a fresh coat of light, neutral paint. Find your perfect color with the Top 50 colors from Sherwin Williams.

Rearrange Furniture: Arrange furniture in a way that maximizes space and flow of your home. Create clear pathways and remove any bulky or unnecessary pieces that might make rooms feel cramped. Use mirrors strategically to add depth and make rooms appear larger. Don’t forget to pull furniture away from windows so curtains can hang freely.

Let the Light In!: Open up curtains, blinds, and drapes to let in natural light. Bright, well-lit rooms feel more inviting and spacious. If natural light is limited, strategically place lamps and light fixtures to illuminate darker areas. (Extra tip: don’t forget to clean lampshades/globes during your deep clean.)

Add Simple Touches: Consider adding some tasteful and simple touches to enhance the overall appeal. Fresh flowers, a bowl of fruit in the kitchen, or a cozy throw blanket can make a space feel warm and welcoming.

Don’t Neglect the Outdoors: Curb appeal matters! Make sure your home’s exterior is well-maintained, with a clean and inviting entrance. Cut the lawn, prune any overgrown bushes, and consider adding potted plants or flowers to the front porch. A well-kept exterior creates a positive first impression. (Don’t forget the mailbox! Add new numbers if they’ve begun to peel.)

Remember, the goal of staging is to make your home feel like a blank canvas that potential buyers can see themselves living in. By following our tips, you’ll create an environment that’s inviting, neutral, and appealing to a wide range of buyers.

Give us a call or contact us to begin selling your home.

Why Do You Need a Real Estate Agent?

Choosing the right real estate agent is a crucial decision when buying or selling your property. A skilled and reliable real estate agent can guide you through the complex process, offer our expert advice, negotiate on your behalf, and help you achieve your real estate goals. That is why you have the team at Navarre Real Estate Source.

Benefits of Choosing Navarre Real Estate Source

real estate trends from your real estate agent
Expertise and Local Market Knowledge – One of the primary reasons to choose the right realtor is their expertise and in-depth knowledge of the local market. Our real estate agents will have extensive experience and understanding of the local Navarre (and surrounding) areas, local real estate trends, prices and inventory. We can provide you with valuable insights about the neighborhood, school districts, amenities, and future development plans.

Whether you’re searching for a home on the beach, a home in a great school zone, turnkey or a fixer upper, we have the knowledge to help you make informed decisions based on accurate and up-to-date information.

Negotiation Skills – Negotiating is an essential aspect of any real estate transaction. Our skilled real estate agents can advocate for your best interests and negotiate effectively on your behalf. We also specialize in helping military families buy or sell their homes quickly.

We have the expertise to analyze market conditions, assess property values, and craft strategic offers or counteroffers. By leveraging our top-notch negotiation skills, we can help you secure the best possible deal, whether you are buying or selling a property.

Access to Resources and Network – Realtors have access to a wide range of resources and networks that can significantly benefit their clients. With our connections with other professionals in the industry, such as mortgage brokers, home inspectors and contractors, you can rest assured you are in great hands. Our connections can streamline the process and ensure that you have access to reliable and reputable service providers.

Time and Effort Savings – Buying or selling a property involves numerous tasks, paperwork, and coordination. Our skilled realtors can handle these responsibilities on your behalf, saving you time and effort. We will schedule all property showings, handle negotiations and oversee the closing process.

Family is important and we understand the stress or buying or selling a home. By choosing Navarre Real Estate Source, you are able to focus on other aspects of your life while having peace of mind knowing that a professional is taking care of your real estate needs.

Mitigating Risks and Avoiding Pitfalls – With Navarre Real Estate Source, your homebuying experience is personal and handled with the upmost care. Real estate transactions can be complex and involve potential risks and pitfalls. Working with an experienced real estate agent can help you navigate these challenges and protect your interests. We can identify red flags in property listings, perform due diligence, and advise you on potential issues such as zoning restrictions, title concerns, or property defects. With our guidance we can help you avoid costly mistakes and ensure a smooth and successful transaction.

Emotional Support and Advocacy – The process of buying or selling a property can be emotionally charged and stressful. Navarre Real Estate Source’s trustworthy real estate agents can provide the necessary support and act as your advocate throughout the journey. We can offer objective advice, address your concerns, and provide reassurance during challenging times. Having a reliable professional by your side can alleviate stress, instill confidence, and make the entire experience more enjoyable.

Choosing the right agent is paramount for a successful and stress-free real estate transaction. Our expertise, negotiation skills, access to resources, and ability to mitigate risks can make a significant difference in achieving your goals. By selecting the right real estate agent, you are investing in a trusted partner who will guide you through the process and maximize your chances of a favorable outcome.

Our real estate agents offer comprehensive real estate services in the Navarre area. We provide expert guidance, market analysis, and negotiation assistance. Whether buying or selling, we are dedicated to helping our clients achieve their real estate goals efficiently and effectively. Contact us today to get started.

Get Ready to Sell Your Home

Summer seems like a long way off, but if you’re planning to move this summer, this is the time to start getting your house ready to sell. It can take several months to prepare, especially if you’re busy with work, school, or children’s activities.

The first task at hand is decluttering. You’ll have to pack anyway, so start now by putting away family photos, excess furniture, area rugs that keep your floors from being seen and collectibles. If you have very much to pack away, you may need to rent a storage space.

Repairs may take longer and may not have been noticeable until you decluttered. Is anything broken or is paint damaged? Be sure to check your baseboards in case they’re dusty. Make sure doors open and close correctly and that door knobs aren’t loose. Do faucets drip? Prospective buyers will notice all these things.

When all these jobs are complete, and you’re close to time to list your home, give it a good cleaning from top to bottom, including carpets. Make sure there are no pet stains or odors.
Don’t neglect the outdoors. Mow the lawn, use the weedeater, sweep the porch and put out some flowers.

The hard work has been completed, now you just have to keep it clean. The rest is in the hands of your Realtor at Navarre Real Estate Source.

List and Sell Your Home Successfully

If you want to sell in today’s housing market, you’re going to have some stiff competition. You need to start getting your home ready early because everything takes longer than you think it will. Getting a handyman in for repairs can be challenging nowadays, so look around for repairs that may be needed.

Maybe your home doesn’t need repairs, which is great, but it still must look more appealing to prospective buyers than other homes on the market.

Begin with decluttering, including removing family photos, collectibles, excess furniture and items cluttering your countertop.
After you’ve done that, get ready to clean, clean, clean. Make everything sparkle including windows, light fixtures, bathroom fixtures, mirrors and even light bulbs. Don’t forget to have your carpets cleaned and that there are no pet odors or stains.

Next, move outdoors to the yard. Mow, weedeat, sweep and put some pretty fall flowers out.

Now, you’re ready to list and get a For Sale sign in the front yard. If your Realtor wants to hold an open house, your home will be the best looking one available. You can sit back and wait for the sale.

Prepare to List Your Home for Sale

According to Murphy’s Law, everything takes longer than you think it will. When it comes to preparing your home for sale, that saying is very true. You’ve probably comfortable in your home and don’t realize that your décor won’t appeal to prospective buyers.

Look around your home with fresh eyes. Check for clutter, kitchen appliances on counter tops, collections, excess furniture, worn throw rugs or throw pillows, and family photos. All your furniture should be uncluttered and clean. Prospective buyers should be able to see the floors and countertops. It’s important for anyone who enters your home with the possibility of purchasing to be able to imagine their furnishings and décor in your home.

We know you love all your possessions, so you don’t have to throw them out. If you have too many, you may have to rent a storage unit for a brief amount of time. They’ll be there when you move to your next place.

After all that work, clean like you’ve never cleaned before or hire someone to clean. You want your home to sparkle and smell amazing. And on that note, be sure to banish pet smells.

When you finish indoors, turn your attention to the great outdoors. Mow, use the weedeater and put some pretty flowers on the front porch to welcome visitors. Read our tips for preparing your lawn HERE

When all that hard work is done and you’ve rested a bit, contact your Realtor or Contact Us and tell them you’re ready. Get that For Sale sign in the front yard and wait for the buyers to come.

Listing and Selling Your Home Tips

You may need to move for business, or maybe you’re downsizing or upsizing. Any way you slice it, you have a lot of work ahead of you.

First on the agenda is selecting a real estate agency to handle the sale, which is where Navarre Real Estate Source comes in. While your Realtor can help you with tips, the hard work is up to you for the best result.

After you’ve visited Navarre Real Estate Source, you need to walk around your house and try to see what you have with the eyes of a potential buyer. That person won’t have your same taste or interests.

Get rid of all the clutter that may have accumulated and clean, clean, clean. If you have wall-to-wall furniture, remove as much as you can so a potential buyer can see how much space is available.

Remove family photos, keepsakes, decorative collections and other décor. If you have a pet, a potential buyer may have allergies. Clean up any pet items and remove any trace of an animal being in the house.
Take a loot around and make sure nothing is broken that can be easily repaired. Does paint need freshening? Make everything inside look inviting.

Look outside. Mow the grass, edge and pull weeds. Put out a couple of pots of flowers to make the outside look inviting.

Then comes the hard part – waiting for the right person to come along. If you house doesn’t sell quickly, remember to keep it clean and neat. You never know when the right person will walk through your front door.

Navarre Real Estate Source is here to help you sell your home as quickly as possible. Give us a call and let’s get started today.

Prepare to Sell Quickly

Put a For Sale sign in the front yard, and you may be surprised to get one or more offers the next day. The real estate market is hot, so if you want to sell your home, you can expect it to go quickly, especially if you prepare it to sell.

First, call Navarre Real Estate Source so a Realtor can help you with the listing.

After that, you need to get busy with the decluttering process and staging your home so it looks its best. Look around at every surface area. Do you have stacks of magazines or junk mail that need to be thrown out? How about collectibles or excessive decorative items. What you think is beautiful may not look that way to a prospective buyer. Pack all you precious items away and store them in a storage unit if necessary.

The same goes if you have furniture everywhere, especially if you have pieces of well-loved furniture that is past its prime. Extra furniture may need to be put in storage, also. A potential buyer wants to see how spacious your home is and how their items will fit in.

Check to see that everything is in good repair and clean. Look for burned out light bulbs, doors that don’t close correctly, broken toilet seats or other minor things you can easily repair. Make sure to get rid of all the dust bunnies hiding under furniture.

A fresh coat of interior paint can help immensely, along with clean carpets and, especially, clean bathrooms.

Once the inside is fresh and clean, head outdoors to trim bushes, pull weeds and mow the lawn. A couple of flower pots on the porch or hanging baskets will welcome potential buyers to your home.

You want your home to be the best looking one available in your neighborhood and selling quickly is your goal. With your help and the help of your Navarre Real Estate Source Realtor, your home will soon have a SOLD sign in the front yard.

List and Sell Your Home Easily

When you’re thinking about listing your home and want a quick sale, you need to start prepping as soon as possible. Declutter, clean, and repair are the places to start.

We all have too much stuff sitting around. Do you have wall to wall furniture, stacks of magazines, collectible items or books covering every surface? These may be the things you love and cherish, but potential buyers want to see how their furniture and collectibles will fit into your home.

Throw out whatever you can, remove furniture to storage temporarily and pack up small items to go into storage also.

Is anything broken? Are any lights burned out? Check toilet seats, closet doors, faucets in the bathrooms and kitchen. Look under the sink to make sure it’s uncluttered and dry. It’s important to make sure everything is in good working order.

Don’t neglect the outdoors. A potential buyer will see the outside first and form an opinion before they ever open the front door.

When everything is fixed up inside and out, make sure the house smells fresh and clean. You want your house to make a great first impression and welcome buyers.

Many homes are on the market, and many buyers are out looking, so yours needs to stand out from the crowd. You’ll be glad you spend time doing all you did when you see a SOLD sign in the front yard.